SWIR Scanning Vibrometer

• Very compact and easy to operate
• Excellent signal level
• Highest accuracy and resolution 
• Latest Scanning Technology
• High-Speed measurements

SWIR Scanning Vibrometer

OptoMET Scanning SWIR Laser Doppler Vibrometer (SLDV) is used for non-contact measurement, visualization and analysis of structural vibrations. It determines the Operational Deflection Shapes and Eigenmodes as easily as taking a video. Entire surfaces can be scanned automatically using flexible measurement grids.

This powerful scanning system offers state-of-the-art digital signal processing Technology with extensive software for data acquisition, 3-D visualization and analysis.

  • Excellent signal level
  • Very compact and easy to operate
  • Highest accuracy and resolution
  • Latest Scanning Technology
  • Large working distance 
  • Up to 14 velocity measurement ranges: 2.45 mm/s bis 24.5 m/s  
  • Non-contact and non-reactive
    This system is non-contact, so there is no need to attach sensors or run cables. Measurements can be made from close up to large working distances.
  • Excellent signal level
    With its new stabilized SWIR laser you get a very good signal-to-noise ratio on all technical and organic surfaces. The vibrometer is laser safety Class 2 - safe operation without laser safety restrictions.
  • Very compact and easy to operate
    The scanning system is very compact with a modern All-in-One design. Only a single USB connection to a PC or Laptop is needed to start a measurement.
  • Highest accuracy and resolution
    Due to our ultra fast Digital Signal Processing the vibrometer achieves highest accuracy in combination with an outstanding resolution up to 4 nm/s for velocity and 4 pm for displacement.
  • Latest Scanning Technology
    You get a build-in full HD 30 x zoom camera for Pin sharp video. Large Objects can be captured with a large aperture and low-noise scanner providing a 50° x 40° scan area.
  • Large working distance
    Thanks to its powerful SWIR laser measurements can be made accurately  from large working distance, for example to measure a bridge, an             airplane or a ship etc...
  • High-Speed measurements
    You can measure velocities up to 24.5 m/s.
    • Set up

    - Geometry definition

    - Mesh generation / import

    - Setup of the data acquisition / generator system


    • Automatic Scan

    - The whole grid is automatically scanned by the laser beam.

    - Making measurements at each grid point

    - Time response and frequency response of each point and reference signals are displayed in real time during the scan.


    • Visualization / Analysis

    - 3D Animation to display your ODS (Operation deflection shape)

    - Modal analysis

    - Data export

    - FEM model validation

    Tech. Daten

    Category Feature
    Measured quantity velocity, displacement, optional: acceleration
    Signal processing Digital (OptoMET UltraDSP)
    Frequency bandwidth Up to 80 kHz
    Maximum velocity 24.5 m/s
    Number of velocity measurement ranges Up to 14 (2.45 mm - 24.5 m/s)
    Velocity resolution Up to 2.5 nm/s
    Laser wavelength Measurement laser: 1550 nm
      Targeting laser: 510-530 nm
    Laser safety class Measurement laser: output power: <10 mW, class I
      Targeting laser: output power: <1 mW, class II
    Working distance up to 100 m
    Scan angle [h x v] 50° x 40°
    Scanner properties Winkel Auflösung < 0.002°
    Camera Full HD 1080p, 30x optical zoom, horizontal viewing angle: 63.7° (wide end) to 2.3° (tele end)
    Computer interface USB 3.0
    BNC analog outputs displacement / velocity / acceleration output, signal-generator output
    BNC analog inputs measurement input, reference input, optional: reference input2
      24-bit A/D converter per channel
      support for IEPE (Integrated Electronic Piezoelectric) inputs
    User interface output color screen 3.5" + 20 segment LED bargraph
    User interface input touch screen, knobs with push-button, key switch (power)
    Operating temperature range +5 ... 40°C
    Dimensions length x width x height (excluding handle): 450 x 224 x 180 mm
    Weight 12 kg
    Power supply 110 -240 V AC (50-60 Hz) or 15 V DC
    Measurement and Analysis Software - CCD-Picture capture, Live Display
      - Geometry and Measurement Point Editor
      - FFT Analyzer with extensive functionality
      - Mirror control and steering
      - Operation Deflection shapes (ODS)
      - Animation, AVI-Export
      - UFF– , ASCII– and MatLab- Export
      - Free Offline-Version to use in office
      - Modal analysis module optional
      - Operation system: Microsoft Windows