Signal Processing

Digital decoders are converting the recorded intensities in real time into the displacement, velocity, and acceleration data of the probe surface needed by the user.

Digital Signal Processing

OptoMET is relying on an end-to-end digital signal processing. This is avoiding the drawbacks of analogue demodulation which may result from aging, temperature dependencies, noise and non-linearities. A significantly higher sensitivity, better resolution and stability is the consequence. Extremely low noise levels guarantee precise results even for very weak signals.

The OptoMET ultraDSP-Technology

The OptoMET ultraDSP-Technology combines efficient algorithms with specialised, high performance processors. Decoders are integrated into the vibrometer, no separate hardware is required. Due to their energy-efficient design OptoMET vibrometers can be passively cooled and be operated independent from grid power. Signal processing is done in real time. Special FIR filters allow for reliable and precise measurement even under the most challenging conditions.

Measurement Data

Each second 160 millon values for displacement, velocity, and acceleration can be recorded and passed to the user. Data are transferred through a standard GBit-Ethernet port and simultaneously via three BNC connectors for the integration in analogue test environments.


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